Sunday, 20 May 2012

The May Purchase

I have been toying with idea of purchasing this since last summer, time just some  got away from me.  So this weekend I took the plunge and finally bought:

Opus Urban Comfort

Lately I have been wanting to get more active, but gyms really aren't my thing.  I'm a big on classes, but the variety in MTL is very limited.  I did enjoy pilates for a while (especially on the apparatus), but the place I went kept increasing their prices each session.  When I started a session of 8 weeks was 99$ (for 2 classes a week), it then increased to $149; at that price I will still was willing to bite the bullet, but the the following session it increased to $189.  At $189 plus the additional $50 dollar fee to reserve 1 apparatus class per week for the whole session was just not worth it anymore.  

So I decided to pursue other alternative means to being active i.e biking. Boy has buying a bike changed over the years.  The last time I bought a bike I was in grade 6, and that involved going to the nearest Canadian Tires and picking out one you liked (at that time, the deciding factor was that it had to be pink).  Boy has the market changed over time, you get bombarded with questions like what kind of riding do you plan on doing? or what kind of material do you want?

I didn't plan on going through the mountains nor racing or even using it as a means of transportation; I just wanted something light weight, easily transportable, for riding about the city and of course it had to be cute.  Initially I settled on a cruiser bike, then my brother had a valid point, living in a city with hills, I may want to consider getting a bike with gears.  After a little more research I decided on a city hybrid; it had gears, it was light weight, and of course cute.  That is as far as my research went, I am one of those when I research something too much I become indecisive, so once I settled on a type of bike I hit the bike shops.

I spotted the Opus Urban comfort and it was love at first site. It was cute, light weight, had gears, and looked easily transportable (the front wheel easily pop off, but even then I have a difficult time fitting it the trunk of my car).  The main difference between a city  hybrid and a traditional bike, is with a  city hybrid, it's all about comfort, you are sitting in more of an upright position, whereas with a traditional bike, you are in a much more lower aggressive position.

This is what I learned during the purchase of my city hybrid:
  • If you're planning on buying a bike, you have to go early on in the season (i.e March-April) or you'll be stuck with what's left.
  • Get fitted for the proper frame size.  I have no idea how to do this, but the SA should be trained to fit you correctly. Apparently I'm a medium.
  • Did you know the color of your bike, will affect the weight? Apparently it does.
  • What you see on the floor is what you get, there is no "can I get a new one from the stockroom?".  So be sure to check you bike over for any defects. 
  • Make sure you saddle is set to the proper height (the SA will make sure it is prior to you leaving the store). Apparently I have been setting my saddle height incorrectly.  The correct way is that when on the saddle, you're leg should be fully extended at the lower peddle (it's normal that your feet don't touch the ground when you're seated).
  • Apparently I don't know how to get on a bike correctly, nor do I know how to bring a bike to stop properly. (I kept getting strange looks from my brother and the SA). How was I suppose to know that you start peddling in a standing position then sit on the saddle?
  • You are also apparently suppose to switch gears when starting and coming to a stop.  It's like driving a standard car, whatever happen to just peddling away?
A bonus perk is that the OPUS brand actually designs and manufactures their bicycles in MTL.

♥ Viv

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