Wednesday, 16 May 2012

It's Official ...

I declare the L'Oreal warehouse sale a bust; not that my opinion matters or anything, I'm sure tons of people will still attend every year.  I remember the first time I went to it, I was 16 and it was open to the public.  I vaguely remember spending about $100 and walked away with a ton of stuff. I didn't even use 75% of the products I bought; what can I say I was young and inexperienced in the world of makeup. Fast forward a couple of years,  invites are now required.  I would either acquire invites via various friends or tag along as their plus one. To be honest I think it's the fact that it's an invite sale that makes me want to attend every year.  But I think it's official, this year the sale is a bust.

Here is the run down of the sale, it happens twice a year; usually in October and April.  Invites are required, an invite will allow you to bring a plus 1 and grant you 2 visits.  On a couple of sites that advertise warehouse/sample sales; they state that you can fax your info on company letter head to the Special project's department  at L'Oreal to be added to the list.  DON'T, this no longer applies; I asked a L'Oreal employee the first day of the sale and she told me that the L'Oreal invites are now strictly restricted to L'Oreal employees and businesses that L'Oreal has a partnership with.

Hoards of people show up every year

At the warehouse sale you'll find  various hair care and beauty products that under the L'Oreal umbrella; staple brands that make a regular appearance are L'Oreal cosmetics, Maybelline, Lancome, Biotherm, Vicky, and Ombrelle.  Recently I have spotted Shu Uemura and Kiehl products.  Prices are decent, you'll save at least 50% off retail price but selection is limited.  

This isn't even all my purchases, the shampoos wore for someone else.

This is a sale that should definitely ban strollers; space is already limited by people with carts and baskets; we need all the extra wiggle room we can get. Plus some people are so preoccupied with grabbing everything within reach that they don't realize that they're baby is falling out of the stroller (I am not making this up I have actually tapped someone on the shoulder and said " Ma'am you're baby is falling out of the stroller").

After this year, I don't think I will be scrambling to get an invite for next year's sale.  This has definitely become a sale I can pass on.

♥ Viv


  1. I wish you were in NY shopping samPle sales with me. Goal is to know someone at louboutin so I can take a peak at the sale!

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