Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Flash...Flood

At 5:00 AM I was woken up by heavy winds and rain, this was definitely a day where I felt like calling in sick.  Did I mention I hate when it rains.  I made sure I had on my rain coat, wellies, and grabbed my huge umbrella to brave the weather as I made my way to work.  I am so glad I invested in a pair of wellies last year, one of my best purchases! By the time I left home the rain had stopped and by the time I got to work the grey clouds wore moving on. 

As the day progressed, the sun was shining and the humidity was building. The whole day I was kept thinking "Crap, man I wore my rain gear because the weather network said it was raining all day (with a high possibility of severe thunder showers). Now I have to lug all this stuff back home on public transit."

The clouds wore slowly re-appearing as I left work but I decided to lug my wellies and umbrella home. By the time I got to the metro station closest to home, it was raining. I donned my rain coat and quickly changed into my wellies in the metro station.  I opted  to walk home rather than take the bus (rain + humidity+ umbrellas + a ton of people on a bus = disaster).  Within a few minutes of getting home, I started to hear the thunder and lighting followed by heavy rain fall. Montreal was suddenly hit by a down pour of rain.  So much rain came down within such a short period of time that Montreal was paralyzed by a flash flood.  Street, metros, malls, office buildings and schools were all flooded thanks to the over-flooding of our sewers.  According to the CTV news: "many homes, water came shooting up from kitchen sinks, toilets and bathtubs as the sewer system was overcharged with the sudden influx of rainwater.  Apparently even several manholes popped off due to the high water pressure.

Here are a couple of pictures I manage to find on the web.  These are not my personal pictures, I found them on several news sites (CTV news, CBC news, the Globe and mail, and Canada.com) and of course twitter (got love the power of the web).

The downtown core

Still the downtown core, you definitely would need wellis here

Inside Place Montreal Trust

The Glen at the Southern tip of Westmount

It is not the first time Montreal has been hit was a sudden down pour, and when we do get a sudden down pour of rain only certain parts of the city get flooded (if you're a Montrealer you probably know what I'm taking about). I grew up in Montreal and I have never witness such chaos, usually when metros, malls or schools get flooded it's due to a busted water pipe (which are apparently all like 150 years old in MTL).

Bad news is, it's expected to rain all week here.

♥ Viv

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