Monday, 7 May 2012

The Daiso Craze

The Daiso detergent has been making waves in the beauty blog world, which is where my interest was first peaked. It's not available here in MTL, which made me want it even more and I was determined to get my hands on a bottle.  So when CW went to HK, she was kind enough to pick up a couple of bottles for me. 

The Daiso detergent has been dubbed an inexpensive miraculous brush cleanser  that will cut down on your brush cleaning time (although on the bottle it states that it's intended for puffs and sponges).   My expectations may have been heighten based on all the positive reviews I read.  I must warn you patience is required, based on the reviews I was under the impression that once I dipped my dirty brushes into the Daiso detergent all built up make up would magically disappear.  Big surprise, it didn't, so I was a little disappointed the first time around (this is in the context with foundation and concealer brushes only).     The second time around, I decided to let my brushes sit in the Daiso detergent for a couple of minutes.  And to my surprise, the built up foundation slowly began to dissolve away (it's actually kinda of gross to watch). Please remember patience is needed!


 For some strange reason I had a hard time cleaning my concealer brush when I used it with the Erase Paste concealer from Benefit.  That required a little bit of elbow grease.  I had really high hopes that it would removed the foundation stain on my beauty blender, but sadly the stain is still there

I think it's too late, but I swear its clean

I had read some reviews that it may be too harsh for brushes made with natural hair, which made me super paranoid even with the recommended 1 in 10 dilution.   However just out of curiosity, I tested the Dasio detergent  with my MAC 217 brush, it  was clean in a jiffy (with either a cream or powder based eyeshadow).   

Would I use the Daiso detergent to clean my natural hair brushes? Probably not, unless I'm desperate. Would I clean my Shu Uemura kolinsky 5r brush with it?  Definitely not. Would I use the Daiso detergent to clean foundation and concealer brushes? Definitely yes (after all these are the brushes that take the most time and effort to clean).  Would I purchase this again? Most definitely, assuming I can find it again.

♥ Viv


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