Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Annabelle, Annabelle, oh Annabelle

You are turning into quite a little drug store gem.  I use to just breeze past you in the drug store, now I think I will take the time to stop and peruse your products.

I picked up these lip stain markers at the Annabelle/Marcelle warehouse along with a couple of other products and so far they have yet to disappoint.

I am a huge fan of lip stains; not only do they look great underneath a gloss, they also give your lips a little hint of color once your gloss/ lip stick has long hit the road. I had tried the Covergirl's lip stain once and I hate it. I spent $10 on a product that not only lasted about an hour on my lips but their lip stain literally lasted me a week.  So when B and I wore at the Annabelle/Marcelle we spotted these lip stains and at $2 a pop, they wore a gamble worth taking. 

I picked up 3 shades, Marvelous, Punky Pink, and Melon Splash.

These can be wore alone (with a build-able coverage) or layered underneath a gloss. I get about 4-6 hours wear out of them when layered under a Stila lip gloss (depending on how heavy handed I am with the marker).   They completely outshine the Covergirl lip stains (even at regular price).

The only down side is: I am not a fan of the felt tip marker like applicator.  Maybe it's because I have yet to master the art of applying the lip stain, but I find sometimes I get a harsh outline of my lips if I'm not careful. When I use the Annabelle lip stain marker I feel like I'm 5 again and have to remember to stay within the lines.

According to their web site, these appear to have been limited editions, so chances are they are no longer available... Shucks.

♥ Viv

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