Monday, 30 April 2012

Waited 4 Freaking hours in the Cold for this

I can't believe I only walked away with this
Last Saturday was the Guerlain Warehouse sale; after this experience I can honestly say I don't think I will be returning to it to in the Fall.  Yet again it was freezing cold (I swear this warehouse sale is cursed) , I was wearing my winter parka and I was still frozen.  Yes, you read that right I wore my WINTER PARKA at the end of April, some even wrapped themselves in blankets; why didn't I think of that? It just happens that the side Guerlain is on, there is no sun light  factor in the wind and the fact that  the queue is set up between  2 building, it was like standing in that its like a wind tunnel = freezing cold! Sorry for the lack of pics, I was too cold to whip out my phone!

This year I went to the sale with B and CW and I can pretty much guarantee that none of us are returning in the fall. I'm pretty sure a lot of people will not be either due to the wait time.  All I have to say is Guerlain Canada if you are reading this, you must restructure your warehouse sale, because right now it's CRAPTASTIC! That's right I'm not ashamed to say it, you're set up is CRAP!

In the past we waited in line 1-2 hours max, this year we freaking waiting for 4 hours! I know I know what you're thinking is why didn't we just leave, it basically got to a point where we waited too long to just walk away!

In the past, it was basically first come first served,  you arrive you line up. Simple, but I guess people wore complaining how one person would line up and just as the sale was about to start a group of 10 friends show up and cut in front of everyone.  So Guerlain started giving out tickets and would admit people based on their number.  Guerlain you may want to re-think this system because you're current ticket system is a huge FAIL! Why, because A) some people will just ask for 10 tickets, which defeats the whole purpose of trying to prevent line jumpers (we saw so many people walking a head of the line to "find their friend" and B) the tickets mean nothing, and I mean nothing, because as soon as the door open everyone attempts to rush through the door.   Whether their number was part of the batch to be admitted or not, people wore their pushing and shoving.  We almost got trampled and CW got wacked in the head.  Seriously people relax, you will get in if you have the right number! If they're asking for number 53-63 and you have 64, don't try to shove your way through the crowd cuz you're not getting in. If you're gonna use the ticket system, maybe you should give out the tickets and allot time slots (H&M does this when they release a Collab collection, maybe you should take a page from their book!).  That way people can actually just sit in their cars stay warm and most important not get trampled!!!

Once we wore finally in, we realized why we waited 4 hours, they practically let 20 people in at a time.  And pretty much didn't let any more people in until half the people left.   All the previous times we went, you had to strategically force your way to the front of a table when you wanted to swatch a product.  This time you had all the space in the world to wonder about!  For god's sake it's a warehouse sale, chaos is expected!   And once again all the surprise bags wore sold out on the VIP night, I really think you should limit those! It is not fair at all that all the VIPs buy them out.

I swear to god, we only bought stuff because we waited 4 hours in the line! CW had a slightly better haul; she walked away with 3 items. B on the other hand only walked away with a tube of mascara.

Guerlain you better re-think how you organized this warehouse sale, the consensus of the crowd waiting in the cold, was that this was not worth it!

Current rating of the Guerlain warehouse sale: FAIL

♥ Viv

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