Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Surprised Drug Store Find

For the last month and a half I have been using the Physician Formula's (PF) Shimmer strips.

Don't be fooled by the name, these puppies have no shimmer what so ever 

An impulse buy from Pharmaprix (or Shopper's Drug mart for the rest of Canada).  I know, I know what you guys are all thinking, what happen to the self imposed beauty band?  Long story short, I was downtown running an errand with my dad.  Whenever I'm downtown I usually park in a building where if you have  a VIP card and spend $20 bucks in any store within that building parking is FREE! Typically, I easily reach the $20 minimum by stocking up on household products.  But that day there was absolutely no house products on sale,  so I instinctively decided to walk down the cosmetic aisle hoping to spot something.  Physician Formula happen to be 40% off so I grabbed the trio eyeliners.  PF has always been one of those brands that intrigue me, but a lot of their products seem to have the word "SHIMMER" on it which makes me weary.  At regular price they retail for $19.99, I snag them for $10.99 after adding in a magazine for Lily and a bottle of shampoo I hit the $20 mark.  So technically if you minus the $7 I would have paid for parking, the liners wore only $3,but there are 3, so in reality I only paid $1 per liner; that's practically free (I really don't think this should count).

Anyways back to my thoughts on the PF shimmer strips. I picked up the trio for brown eyes and all I can say is wow! I am quite surprised by these liners, especially for a drug store brand.  I have yet to find a drug store beauty product that has lived up to it's hype.  These are quite honestly the best pencil liners I have come across.  I have  oily lids =  eyeliner migrating everywhere ; add in the fact that I sometimes wear contacts and tend to rub my eyes after staring at a computer screen for a couple hours = disaster.  

I tried the Urban decay's 24/7 Glide on eye pencils which turned out to be a huge FAIL for me! The formula was just too creamy for my lids, an hour after wear resulted in it migrating everywhere. Same goes for the Stila smudge pots.  I had ok success with the Shu uemura gel liner , but after  6 hours of wear it will start to migrate.  The only way I pretty much can get liner to stay in place is if I mix it with the MUFE eye seal, but since I have a tendency to wake up a little late, I don't exactly have the time to start mixing the MUFE eye seal with the gel liner.

The PF shimmer strips do not budge (they really don't!). Initially I thought they did transfer, but I have concluded that the transfer was definitely due to either my mascara or the eyeshadow I use to set the liner with.  I know this for a fact, because on several occasions I was running late and didn't have time to neither set the liner with a shadow nor apply mascara and at the end of a work day I noticed I had no raccoon eyes! The PF liners are retractable and I personally find them  to be the perfect consistency, neither too creamy nor too dry.  The trio for brown eyes consist of a black, brown and a plum purple (all colors I naturally gravitate towards).

See no shimmer

Added bonus, a sharpener is hidden at the end
End of a work day, no migration Yay!

PF has definitely impressed me that I'm willing to try another product. Any suggestions?

♥ Viv

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