Friday, 20 April 2012

La Braderie de mode Québécoise 2012

CW and I stopped by La Braderie de mode Quèbècoise (translation the big fashion sale of Quebec designers) Wednesday night. La Braderie de mode Quèbècoise happens twice a year (once in the Spring and once in the Fall) at Marche Bonsecours in the Old Port.  Basically, La Braderie is where all Quebec designers set up booths in a flea market style and allow costumers buy their brands at 50%-80% off. We have been going to this sale every time it happens for a couple of years now and we have our routine down pat. 

The routine:
  • Check  email for the VIP invitation (which grants you access to the sale a day before the sale is open to the public, but it's really not that VIP, because there are just as much people there on the VIP night as a regular night).
  • Arrange to meet CW after work at the Place d'Armes metro (which is within walking distance to the old port), and every time she will always ask isn't Champ de Mars metro closer? Which it is, since that is metro for the old port, but I personally find it a little shady there to be waiting for someone, so I always insist of Place d'Armes.
  • Walk to Marche Bonsecours where we make a bee line to the Mackage/Soia&Kyo booth.
  • Once we're in, we go line by line trying to spot something that suits our taste while trying to squeeze in between hundreds of girls who are either grabbing anything and everything or blocking off sections of the racks while trying on jackets.
  • CW and I have been shopping buddies long enough to know each others taste, so often we will grab stuff for each other and meet up in a random aisle and do a little show and tell.
  • Then we will rotate trying on the jackets.  If there is a "OMG, take that off" we won't even bother looking the mirror; if there is "that's cute" then will attempt to look in a mirror. The reason: there are like only 3 mirrors in the booth and typically there are at least 50 girls/guys in front of it, so you really have to force your way to the front.
  • Once the purchases are done, we will quickly peruse the rest of the sale, where we are often thinking "really, people actually wear some of these things?"
  • The night ends with dinner
I personally think this is a hit or miss sale and the busyness booth is often the  Mackage/Soia&Kyo one. La Braderie is basically the only place and time where you can score Mackage or Soia&Kyo jackets at 50% off (tax in).  For a brand that is born in Montreal we for some reason don't have a flag ship store, go figure.  Yet they have a flag ship store in New York and have multiple sample sales during the year there. Sometimes CW and I will walk away with jackets and sometimes we walk away empty handed.  This time I picked this little baby up: the Perla-A rain coat.

I was in the market for a lighter rain coat, I currently own another Mackage rain coat that is gorgeous. The only problem its a little thicker and not as breathable; on humid raining days I feel like I'm baking.

What I love about the Mackage brand is their attention to details and their dramatic tailoring.  Which is what they are known for.

Even their tags are eye catching

No details are too small (tag on the strap)

Perla-A can be folded up in to a pouch! I know I need to practice folding it up
But I do have to warn you that Mackage and Soia&Kyo jackets are cut very close to the body (i.e they are very fitted) so don't be surprised that you have to go up a size.

La Braderie de mode Québécoise in Montreal is still going on at Marche Bonsecours if you want to check it out ( April 19-22) then it will be moving on to Quebec city.

♥ Viv

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