Friday, 30 March 2012

A World of difference 6 hours away!

Sorry for being MIA lately. Just got back from my road trio to T.O, but omg what a huge difference it is compared to MTL; especially shopping wise. The drive started a little rough, we basically lost about 45 min since we listen to the "Sat Nav" (apparently that's what British people call a GPS, doesn't it sound so much better than GPS?), it basically detoured us into a circle.  But after that it was smooth sailing, I was able to make the drive with 1 pit stop.  Which was a huge surprise since whenever I make the trip down to T.O with family it takes about 8 hours with 4 pitstops (I have determined that I think my family sucks the life out of me when I drive long distance).

The weather was bit of a disappointment because it was freezing, I'm talking like -10 degrees, but lucky I packed 2 jackets.  Once we arrived in T.O I'm surprised B and I did not get arrested because we almost broke into someone else house (you know they should really put numbers at the back of the house if the garage is located in the back, to avoid situations like this).  All clues indicated that we pulled into the right driveway, but when we couldn't locate the spare key, B called her uncle only to discover we missed his drive way by 4 houses! Oops.

We really didn't intend to peer into a stranger's window. Really we didn't.

Once we settled we wore on a mission; first target the Burberry counter at Holt Renfrew.  What a difference shopping at Holts in T.O was.  I have never really had a bad shopping experience at Holt Renfrew in MTL, but it pales in comparison to the one we experienced at Holts in T.O (sorry Holts in MTL). Omg the minute you walk in sales associates (SA) are greeting you left and right.  The SA at the Burberry counter was amazing! She even recommended a skincare and walked me over to the counter on the other side of the store.  The SA at the Jo Malone counter at the Holts in Yorkdale was amazing as well. She took the time and explained the whole concept behind Jo Malone and even gave multiple samples to us.  A rarity in MTL; I find in MTL in general when you ask for a sample they give you this look and if I could read their minds I'm pretty sure they're thinking "Really, you want a sample. How dare you ask for a sample!".  The SA at the Jo Malone counter was so great I was tempted to buy something, just because she was so nice and pleasant. In general the SA in T.O are much more pleasant and accommodating. Even the sample sales in T.O are better, day 2 we went to the Style Democracy pop up sale where I scored some J brand jeans for  $25 bucks.  It was actual sample sale prices! I find some of the sample sales in MTL are not that great price point wise, when you're at a sample sale clothing should not be costing $250++(what's the point of a sample sale then?).  In fact we don't even have pop up sales here. Mtl really does kinda of suck a** shopping wise.  Another score was my Tatcha Blotting paper! When I found out that Shop Pretty carried it in T.O I was determine to pick up some packs.

My purchases!

 I didn't think we ate that bad, in fact I thought we ate pretty well; but apparently I'm the only one who thought so.

Snap shot of our meals
Day 3 we hit the Royal Ontario Museum (Aka the ROM). The ROM is massive, you can spend days in there and not see everything.  Thank god we did an Urbanquest at the ROM.  For those who don't know about Urbanquest, they are a company that basically creates scavenger hunts in different cites.  They vary in the degree of difficulties and is a great way to explore and see the city.  I found the one at the ROM particularly great because it brought you to the best exhibits.  Best part was when you solved all the clues it revealed a mystery dinner location. It's like a mini version of the amazing race!

Isn't the ROM pretty?
Unfortunately we didn't have time to hit the Bata shoe museum due to a slight hiccup with my RDeal coupon.  But Urbanquest fixed that in a jiffy! Until next time Bata, we will definitely make the time to visit.

One thing I did learn was that I realized is that I really need to learn how to pack more condensed.

♥ Viv

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