Sunday, 4 March 2012

Study Habits

Lily hasn't been blogging lately since her midterms are just around the corner.  Boy do I remember midterms and finals; they were a pain in the a**, but also the basis of many fond memories during university. Everything in your life is put on hold for about 2-3weeks while trying to cram every bit of information for 4-5 classes into your brain; so many fond memories.   One year, I was studying with a friend for our Histology 2 midterm.   During a break we walked passed a flyer from the psychology department the wore looking for dyslexic students for a study. And all the sudden I blurt out "I think I'm dyslexic" and my friend so promptly replied "If you can read the word dyslexic you're not dyslexic". You guys all know what I'm talking about, studying so much where you reach a point where nothing makes sense anymore. But most of all I remember the studying habits I had, another area where my sister and I wore polar opposites.  During midterms and finals I love to munch on junk food (I personally think its because when you're studying your brain needs more glucose). One semester during my studying period all I wanted to drink was Coke Cola but only from a can, another semester I remember all I wanted to eat was chocolate pudding; but only from a specific brand.  I know such a weird quirk! typically this is how I get through studying for midterms/finals: I survival purely on junk!

My last midterm, I was in a salty mood

 Lily on the other hand prefers to eat:

Literally apples and oranges
Lily prefers the healthier choices, I have no idea where she picked up these eating habits. The only thing remotely closed to being classified as junk would be the Dad's cookies, but even that's a stretch: they're oatmeal cookies!

So what are studying habits during midterms/finals?

♥ Viv

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