Saturday, 31 March 2012

So I fell off the Wagon

Today was the second day of the Annabelle-Marcelle warehouse sale, B and I decided to check it out.  We had never tried the Annabelle or Marcelle brand and figure this was a perfect way.  Hence I fell off the wagon, but completely not my fault!  This is the first time we attended this warehouse sale so we decided to meet there at 9AM in anticipation of a long line up (after having gone to the L'Oreal and Guerlain sales, we have learned that people are hard core when it comes to cosmetic warehouse sales in MTL, I'm talking about how people show up 2-3 hours prior to the start of the sale armed with folding chairs and coolers).  Surprisingly, there was basically a shot line up and everyone was let in at the same time. I think that was a mistake, because there was so many people in there at the same time you barely could move. Out goes being polite and courteous because if you wanted to get close to the products you have to shove your way in!

They had a Marcelle skin care products which basically nothing was more than $9 (not sure about the anti-aging products since I basically skipped that part). We wore even tempted to buy the Marcelle BB cream for $15, but resisted temptation especially since every other make up product was only $1.99.  Yes you read that correctly lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows, mascaras, powder, blushes, bronzers, eyeliners, and foundations wore all $1.99.  B and I wore like kids in a candy store; we have been to several of these sales that I think we have developed a very effective technique. Grab what you catches your eye, do not debate if you really want or need it.  Just dump it into your bag, once you have gone through the entire sale, find a corner and then sort through your bag.  This way you 1) avoid having to go through the crowd again and 2) insure that you get the product (reduced risk of having the product be sold out).  They even had a liquidation table where their makeup brushes wore being sold 4 for $1 (we may have gone a little crazy there). 

Here is the basic set up: I should have taken more pics, but there was just too much craziness and my arms wore full, sorry guys!

The layout

Crowds of people wore slowing moving in

The haul (not bad I only spent $38)

I know I went a little crazy with the brushes!

Warning if you have never been to cosmetic warehouse/sample sales I must warn you that do not expect to find all the products that are currently in stores, you will be surprised.  Most products there are either overstock, left overs from previously unsold collections, and quite possibly products that are sold in different countries because often B and I would be confused with certain products we came across.

Are there any Marcelle or Annabelle products I should have to try?

♥ Viv

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