Wednesday, 14 March 2012

So far no Winners in my Beauty Box

These are the latest samples I tested out from my beauty box; my thoughts: Pass on all three

The first product: Bliss Youth as We Know it Anti-Aging Moisture Cream; I have always been intrigued by the Bliss Brand due its cheeky product names.  I used this for about 3 weeks (B.I.D).  Bliss claims that this product contains 10 advance age-fighting ingredients which with regular use will "promote collagen production, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fills fine lines, boost oxygen microcirulation, evens skin tone, hydrates and plumps, repairs and soothes, smooths skin's texture, brightens and clarifies and improves skin's firmness", oh and I can't forget how it is suppose to increase skin's hydration by 100%.   Wow,  sounds like plastic surgery in a jar! Why spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures when an $81 jar of cream can fix all the flaws of your skin.  As you can see I am very skeptical of Bliss's claim, the scientist in me does not think this is plausible!) Let's just say I didn't experience any of these claims. Although in Bliss's defense I have to admit I don't really have wrinkles nor fine lines.  What can I say: Asian + Oily Skin = no visible signs of aging (avoiding the sun like crazy also helps). I didn't find my skin's texture any smoother nor brighter and I definitely didn't find my skin hydrated (it's hydration ability I would rank as mediocre). Maybe it's because I didn't use it for the recommended 8 weeks, not my fault the sample I received only lasted 3 weeks. The texture is like whipped butter, it melts into your skin. It has a very strong familiar lemon scent.   After racking my brain, it dawned on me that Bliss's Youth as We Know it Anti-Aging Moisture Cream smells very similar to C.O Bigelow's Chemist Lemon Hand Treatment.  The sample did not convince me to spend a whopping $81 CAD for 1.7 oz jar. Sorry Bliss you're off my radar.

Fresh Soy Face cleanser claims to "instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup-even mascara (which it does not)-without stripping the skin of essential moisture". I really tried to like this product, I really did! I had 2 sample packets which lasted me for about 2 weeks, I mainly used it to remove my makeup before washing my face with a secondary cleanser. I just couldn't get past the smell! I don't even know how to describe the scent. Not only did it smell bad, it didn't even remove all traces of my makeup, after washing my face I looked like a raccoon (so it failed at removing  "even mascara"). Although I do have to admit, my skin didn't feel tight after use. 

The third product from my beauty box was the DDF wrinkle resist plus pore minimizer.   I only had one sample packet, so I have to admit I don't think I had enough to really test out the product (even though it lasted me for a about a week). First impressions: it smells nice (omg I sound like I'm reaching for a compliment!). Other than that I didn't really notice the minimization of my pores nor did it hydrate my skin. Can't say anything about wrinkles since I don't really have any (but I think I need to start investing in an eye cream, hints of fine lines are appearing, any recommendations?). I would be tempted to purchase the full size product, but the $85 CAD price tag for a 1.7 oz bottle makes me flinch (that's like half a pair of shoes!).

♥ Viv

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