Friday, 23 March 2012

Road Trip

I have about a week's worth of vacation days left to use up by April 30, so what better way to use a couple then for a road trip!

Nothing too fancy, just heading down to the Big T.O.  (for the non-Canadians that's Toronto). The plan:  4 days in T.O. where we will be hitting up Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street in the hopes to scoring some Burberry makeup and shop pretty where I hope to score some Tatcha blotting paper.  Man shopping in MTL can some times sucks a**!!  We're a relative big city, but not big enough to have certain brands so when I have my eye on something, it often involves me having to plan a trip around it.  Other stops include the Bata Shoe Museum as well as the Royal Ontario Museum.  That's right Rob I'm not ashame to admit it, I love going to museums! (co-worker who think's I'm a square for my love of museums).  

But my hugest problem, is how to pack for a 4 day trip? Currently my suit case looks like this:

A big mess
Even though its not a long trip,  for some reason I can't decide what I need. If I was going to the states, that would be easy.  Typically I pack as light as possible and usually with clothing I'm willing to ditch in the hopes of filling my suitcase with new purchases.  Yes, I am one of those who over pack, not because I like to have as many options as possible more because I like to be prepared for every possible scenario.  You never know when there may be a freak snow storm or if you have a wardrobe mal-function.

Laugh now, but in grade 6 during my class neige trip (basically a fancy way to refer to a ski trip), I was the only one that was warm and dry because 1) I layered as much as possible and 2) I bought multiples of essential items (duh people, we are up on a mountain and the chance that you will get wet is highly likely ergo you need either a second pair of certain items, but I guess most 6th graders don't think about that!).

Man I need to learn how to become more efficient in packing. Any tips or tricks?

If you want to see what I'm up to in the T.O follow me on instagram: @lilviv218 (I will eventually put a widget for this).

♥ Viv

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