Saturday, 24 March 2012

Osheaga 2012

Hey Guys,

Did you guys see the line up for Osheaga for 2012?!

Well here it is!

*The Line up for 2012*
I am super excited! I really want to check out Metric, Feist, Of Monster and Men and especially Florence and the Machine. Since I'm going for 3 days, Raquel and I are going to make a schedule of what time and at which place we gotta be to see our favorite artists.  I will grantee you guys that I'll check out other artists while I'm there since I am paying 200$ for my ticket so I might as well spend my time looking at other artists too. Hopefully from there, I'll discover other artists and music I like. But for now, those are the bands/artists I really want to check out. I can't wait! Get here fast August!

♥ Lily

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