Monday, 5 March 2012

Marcelle and Annabelle Warehouse sale

The Marcelle and Annabelle sample sale just popped up on my radar and it happens to be right around the corner. It is scheduled to occur at the end of March (March 30-April 1 to be precise).

For those who are not familiar with the Marcelle and Annabelle brand, they are a Quebec based cosmetic company that manufactures skin care and cosmetic products locally. Both brands can typically be found in drug stores or super markets. Marcelle is known more for their hypoallergenic and perfume-free products. Where as Annabelle is a brand that carries the latest and most trendiest shades (to me this translates to Marcelle is targeted towards a woman who is 25+, where as Annabelle's target customer is much more younger).  I personally have never tried either of these brands, but as of lately Marcelle and Annabelle have been making the rounds on the Canadian Beauty blogs, which has peeked my interest. The fact that that the Annabelle brand has been since I was in elementary school also speaks volumes (they must be doing something right).

I have never been to the Marcelle-Annabelle warehouse sale butI have heard that prices for products are ridiculously  cheap. To me that equals a perfect timing to try out Marcelle-Annabelle products.

One problem. I am on a self imposed beauty ban. And I definitely have not used up 50% of my stash.

B should we check it out? (I'm only looking, for research purposes of course!)

♥ Viv

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