Sunday, 18 March 2012

CW you're the BEST!

CW recently came back from a month long vacation across the Pacific and she brought me back a goodie bag:

What could be in here?
The reveal:





She is the best, I gave her a list of items that I wanted since she was going to HK, and she came back with 99.9% of it.  She went above and beyond for someone who was on vacation.  I was expecting her to hit 1 or 2 SaSa stores (which are Asian equivalents to Sephora), if she found the products great if she didn't no biggie.  But I get an email from her saying oh I went to like 5 SaSa's and couldn't find one of my requested products, but not to worry she will go hit up a few more.

What did she bring back?
  • 2 scarves (I'm perpetually always cold, so these will be great!)
  • 1 tub of stream cream: I initially heard about this on Lise Eldridge's blog and when I looked it up I was intrigued and I wanted it)
  • 4 bottles of Daiso Detergent (it is suppose to be a miraculous brush/sponge cleanser, I will let you know).   I only wanted 2 bottles, she brought back 4, isn't CW great!
  • 3 bottles of the Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil (I kept reading it about it on Yu's blog let's makeYuUp, hoping this will be a cheaper alternative to Shu Uemura's Cleansing oil)
  • 4 pairs of fake lashes (There is something about asian fake lashes that make me oohh and ahh)
  • A  new iphone4 case, my Hello Kitty one from forever XXI was driving me insane (some how it got stretched out and kept coming off each time I reached for it in my bag argghh!).  At least now I won't be embarrassed When I need to whip my phone out at work functions,  the pink poke-a-dot one is slightly more professional than a hello kitty in space one!
I know what you guys must be thinking, I well off the wagon for my self imposed beauty banned, but I didn't. I technically didn't buy these products, they wore gifted to me, so technically they don't count.

This is my first time trying products from across the Pacific, I will keep you guys posted.

Any other Asian products I should try?

♥ Viv

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