Sunday, 5 February 2012

To Soothe My Bruised Ego

A spur of the moment email from  Keiko yesterday night, resulted in my 4th or 5th failed attempted at online shopping. Keiko had emailed asking if I wanted to join her online shopping expedition in the hopes of scoring pieces from the Jason Wu collection for target. I wasn't really thinking about the collection, since Target does not ship to Canada at this moment. Don't you hate those dreaded words; often I spot things online, however when I click on shipping information, often the following words are staring back at me: "unfortunately we are currently unable to ship outside of the US" but I had a solution around that road block thanks to Keiko,  so I said sure why not.  We  arranged to meet online at 4AM. We pre-selected  our pieces; I had my eye on the following pieces:

Poplin Navy Dress
White blouse and pleated skirt combo

4AM finally arrived, I logged on only to find out 1 of 2 things: 1) most of the pieces that I wanted wore only available in store (what the HELL!!Seriously Target, what's up with that!) and 2) the pieces that wore available online wore already  sold out! Are people really waking up at 4AM to do this (I can't judge, look who is calling the kettle black here). Click here to see  Keiko's Jason Wu's picks.

Oh, look at that I only have 4 FAILED  online shopping attempts:
  • Attempt #1: Stuart Weitzmen peep toe pumps from browns- placed the order only to receive an email saying it was out of stock.
  • Attempt  #2: CC Skye Onie messenger bag from Dealuxe-again the bag was available online, but the site kept crashing, so when I placed the order over the phone,  the girl was like "oh my, we're actually sold out" (turns out I missed the boat by 45 mins)
  • Attempt #3: Rodarte T-strap shoes (we all know the details about that)
  • Attempt #4: Jason Wu collection for Target. 

So I soothed by bruised ego with this:

Can you guess what is in this brown bag?

One guess. 

Sorry CW, I had to follow Keiko's advice, I technically didn't buy my Rodarte T-strap shoes nor any Jason Wu pieces.

That's right I brought her home
Plus I was a little embarrassed, one of the sales girls recognized me from yesterday. She was like: "Oh, I remember you from yesterday, you had the bag in your hand, but you looked unsure, so if you came back for it you must want it."

♥ Viv

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