Friday, 24 February 2012

To Keep or Not to Keep?

I recently just picked Daphne up, but I'm not sure if I want to keep her.

Dolce Vita Daphne boots

I picked these up during my last ditch effort to pick up some Sorel Winter boots.  I've been putting off buying new winter boots since 1) we didn't really have a winter this year (until today, 25 cm of snow is expected.  Damn those boots would have come in handy); 2) I'm trying to convince myself that my current winter boots can last another season; and 3) the Bay is having its end of season sales and Sorel boots wore 50% off so I figured why not. Unfortunately I couldn't find my size, even after going to 3 different Bay's, but at the last Bay, I spotted these.  Typically me, I go shopping for a specific item, only to walk away with another item. They wore marked down to $249 from $425, and then I had an extra 50% off (I couldn't resist the deal).  Plus I have been searching for a pair of flat leather boots. 

Daphne has 2 inch hidden wedge heel, which is wearable for extended periods of time. The only problem, do I want to keep her?

Yet a little part of me feels like I only purchased them because it was 1) an incredible deal, 2) I have forever been on the hunt for the perfect pair of flat boots (my dream pair would be from Chloe!), something similar to these beauties:

But until I win the  lottery I don't think I can spend ~$1000 on a pair of boots.  3) I kinda of feel like I settled for Daphne.  But I do have to admit I spotted Daphne before the Christmas holidays and I thought to myself, if I can get these for a decent price I would purchase them.

Should I keep or should I return?

What do you guys think?

On a side note Esprit is closing all stores across North America to focus more on their stores in Asia and Europe, so everything in stores is 70% off.  Apparently Esprit is hugely popular in Hong Kong.  The exact date of the closing has not been announced (more like they won't tell me) so you better head over there for soon! 

I was recently at the Rockland and downtown location and it was rank sack, very little to pick from.  A sale associate at the Rockland store informed me that the store with the most selection  was St. Bruno (very true, Lily and I had some amazing finds).  B informed me that the Fairview Point Claire location also had barely anything left.

♥ Viv

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