Thursday, 2 February 2012

To Buy or Not to Buy?

I don't know why I tortured myself with this decision for weeks. I'm pretty sure I tortured a few of my friends too with my indecisiveness. What was the source of this indecisiveness you may wonder? These puppies wore.

Rodarte Black and White T-strap Heels

I had spotted Katie Holmes sporting these black and white t-strap shoes on the people's stylewatch a few weeks ago.

My eyes wore immediately drawn to her shoes and I thought hmmm it would be nice to own them, then it progressed to I want them. But I knew how unobtainable they would;  Katie Holmes is a celebrity which equals to 1) me never being able to afford them anyways and 2) do I really want to spend one week's salary on them?. Then on one random day, for no apparent reason I visit and spotted the following words: "Rodarte sale going down over at Opening Ceremony, which seems to have slipped under the radar." Thinking nothing of it, I clicked and what did I spot, these beauties:
They wore originally priced at $510 and currently on sale for $153. Could it be, wore they meant to be mine?
  •  Pretty shoes -Check
  • Amazing deal-Check
  • Size 7 in stock-Check
  • Ships to Canada-Check
Then what was preventing me from checking out? The shipping cost to Canada. This is one of the down sides to living in Canada, shipping from the states cost an arm and a leg, the quote for shipping was $24.99 excluding taxes and duties. So I estimated, that shipping and duties would cost me roughly $50 bucks. At that point I quickly exited the site. Personally I find have a $50 dollar surcharge was not worth it, especially since its dirt cheap to ship within the states.  Plus after my boxing day bonanza I decided to stop shopping so much, I ended up spending a little bit more than I expected. What can I say, having a little sister is expensive!

You would think it ended there, but it didn't. I really don't know why I kept torturing myself. Everyday, I would torture myself by obsessively check the opening ceremony site to see if they wore still available. The size 7's wore constantly there, as if they wore waiting for me to buy them.   Yet, I still could not decide whether to buy them or not.  What changed my mind:
  1. Everything I try to save money by not purchasing something, an unexpected expense comes up: this time around my car got rear ended when while I was stopped at a light, and it was cheaper if I paid out of pocket to get it repaired rather than claim it (a lot of good insurance is!!!)
  2. I spoke to a friend of mine who lives in NY and she was willing to let me ship to her and then she would redirect to me.
  3. I called opening ceremony just out of curiosity to get a quote in regards to duties, he told that they list it as a gift. So no duties to be paid, after some quick calculations it would come out to the same as option 2! So I decided to ship to myself.
  4. I think they're work appropriate, so that completely justifies the purchase!
Now I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival!

♥ Viv

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