Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pretty Ballerina's are my Go To Flats

Thrusday's shoe of choice wore my suede Rosario flats in magenta pink by Pretty Ballerina.

My personal collection
I pretty much live in ballet flats 365 days a year; they are my preferred choice of footwear. I wear flats when I commute to work, schlep around town, or when I'm having one of my lazy days. I have tried and tested many pairs of flats before and nothing has even come closed to the flats made by Pretty Ballerina.  I 'm the proud owner 4 pairs.

I have to admit I coveted the  Tory Burch Reva ballet flats when they wore all the craze; I even traveled all the way to NY to purchase them because they wore nearly impossible to find here (plus they wore much cheaper in the states even with the conversion). The first year I loved them, then it slowly grew into a love hate relationship. On certain days they would be super comfy, but on other days, the elastic on the back would be digging into the back of my ankle and I couldn't wait to take them off. 

I have even tried a pair of  Belle flats by Sigerson Morrison that I snatched up at Club Monaco. I really should have listen to my gut instinct and put them back, but the deal was too good to pass up they wore marked down to $30 from $195. Now I know why, they turned out to be one my of regret purchases; talk about paying to be tortured.  Not only was the leather stiff and I kept getting blisters, but the vamp was too narrow and didn't really fit me correctly. The feel of the hard leather should have been the warning sign to walk away, but I somehow convinced myself, that once I broke them in they would be super comfy. Boy was I wrong! The only reason why there are still in my closet is because I have yet to replaced them with a pair of metallic ones from Pretty Ballerina.

The same goes for flats I have purchased from Nine West. I have always been a fan of their heels and found them to be pretty comfortable, but for some strange reason, their flats don't fit me as well.

What's not to love about Pretty Ballerina, their store front just beckons you to enter, and once you step through the door, its like walking into a candy store. The walls are the perfect shade of ballerina pink and lined with boxes of shoes, a shoe-aholic's dream come true. 

A shoe-aholic's dream

Pretty Ballerina flats are are hand crafted from the Island of Menorca, Spain. Their leather is so soft they don't require any breaking in; to date I have never gotten a blister or felt uncomfortable in them.  They have several models, so you are bound to find one that suit you. My preference is the Rosario model (I owned them in 3 different colors). Flats from Pretty Ballerina typically will cost you anywhere from $190-$250; a little on the pricey side, but well worth it. The first 2 pairs I owned are still ticking, they're a little beat up, but still wearable. I wore my black pair in NY last time I was there ; we literally walked everywhere and they are still intact! I can definitely say they are made to take a kicking, this may be attributed to the fact that Pretty Ballerina is a division of MASCARĂ“, who are known for manufacturing footwear and ballerina shoes.

The only thing I did notice was that their flats are made differently depending on the season. The last 2 pairs I purchased in winter have a more durable rubber sole, whereas the ones I purchased in the summer have a more delicate sole (but that can be easily fixed by getting the shoe re-soled, I definitely would recommend getting them re-soled to extend their lifespan). Bonus, when you purchase them in winter they come with a little pink dust bag, which is very practical.

I will definitely be expanding my collection this summer.

♥ Viv

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