Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The First Sister-Sister Event of 2012

One of the major reasons we started this blog, was to get to know each other better as sisters.  When Lily was born, I was like wow, my very own live Barbie doll.  Then she became mobile and picked up this pesky skill call "talking"; it quickly went down hill from there.   There wore several memorable moments, where I really wish I didn't have a younger sister.
  • Moment 1: When she took my entire sticker collection and decided to decorate her lamp shade.
  • Moment 2: When she un-wrapped all my Bazooka  gums for the joke, and then perfectly re-wrapped them. The first gum I unwrapped and didn't find the joke, I thought maybe I got a dud, but after un-wrapping the 5th gum and still no joke, I was like what the hell! and then in comes this munchkin asking me if I wanted to see her collection of jokes.
  • Moment 3: When she decided to paint by numbers with my make up brushes. 
From that moment on we wore more at each others throats than having this tight sister sister bond.  CW would always say I'm sure you guys will get along when she's 16.  Six teen came and went, and we wore still not getting along.  I was convince we would never get along, but last year was the turning point, we started to do a lot more things together (I'll do a separate post on that later).  Don't get me wrong she still has her teen angst moments every now and then, but she's a lot more fun now.  So our first sister-sister event of 2012:

Swan Lake

Swan lake- Les Grand Ballets Canadiens de Montreal.  And no I was not inspired to watch it because of the Black Swan.  I really wanted to see after catching the documentary produced by BBC: Agony and Ecstasy: A year with English National Ballet.

I have always loved the ballet, there something just so magically about the ballet.  Unfortunately not a lot of people do. Use #1 for younger sister: she's a permanent buddy, plus it doesn't hurt that she also wanted to see the ballet as well. Let's just hope this does not turn into the who Nutcracker fiasco.

♥ Viv

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