Friday, 10 February 2012

Casual Fridays

By the time Friday rolls around, I have grown tired of wearing skirts, blouses, and heels. Thank god, Fridays are Jean day at my office.  Depending on the pair of jean, I either opt for heels or ballet flats (for a little girly touch) but lately I have been in a much more causal mood, so I have been sporting these ankle booties I managed to snatch up during my boxing day blitz.

Rosegold Nolan flat ankle boots

Typically I would walk by these without a second glance, but as of lately I have acquired a taste for more causal/laid back clothes. Maybe it's because every time I wanted to throw something on to run a quick errand all I had to choose from wore heels, dress pants, skirts, and blouses. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't even own a pair of runners.  I do own several pairs of jeans, but I only owned 1 t-shirt.  I know sad, but what can I say I'm a girly girl. Perhaps this predicament is what inspired me to acquire more causal clothes;  clothing I never even thought twice about before.

Confession: I have one pair of black skinny jeans that I pass off as work pants when I'm not in the mood to wear a skirt or dress pants. I almost got busted too, of all the people who could have picked up on the fact that my pants wore actually jeans happens to be one guy who works with us. In which I promptly replied "Noooo, what are you talking about, they're dress pants".

♥ Viv

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