Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Beauty Purge Update No 1. (part 3)

Here are my thoughts on products 9 to 15. Bare with me its a little long.

Product 9: Giorgio Armani Creme Nera Regenerating Cream.  I received this deluxe sample during another beauty event at Holt Renfrew (Boy or boy does Holts know how to throw beauty events, you never walk out of there empty handed!).  This is probably one of the most luxurious and expensive sample I have received to date. A full size tub of this cost roughly $275 (1.7 oz).  According the the Armani site: Creme Nera is described as a "unique cell regenerating cream inspired by the Italian island of Pantelleria. Containing a unique formulation of obsidian, a natural mineral compound extracted from the petrified lava on Pantelleria, crema nera perfectly captures the Earth's rejuvenating secrets. This exceptional, patented formula is scientifically proven to actively restore and revitalize skin's natural radiance and regenerate surface cells".  At first it felt a little grainy on the back of my hand, but once I applied it to my face it  literally melted into my skin.  There is a faint scent to this creme, I can't exactly pin point what the scent was. It's not strong enough to deter me from purchasing the product, but I can do with out it. The scent reminded me of a volcano, not that I have ever been to a volcano, but if I did this is what I imagine it would smell like.   I used creme nera for about a month, and to be honest I don't know if I noticed a significant difference on my skin.  I don't know if my skin became more radiant because creme nera actually worked, or if I tricked my mind into seeing a change because of my high hopes.  The way Armani was marketing this product, almost made it sound magical. I was almost hooked too! I seriously debated on purchasing this, but the fact of shelling out $275 made me cringed.  I personally like my cremes to have some sort of moisturising ability, which I found Creme Nera to lack.  I think if it did resolve some of my dry patches I typically experience during winter, I would have definitely splurged. Would I purchase again? If I had unlimited funds, I probably would have. But since I don't, it's a no (for now anyways).

Product 10: Bioderma Sensibio Light Smoothing Cream. I receive a sample size of this product when I purchased by first bottle of the magic water (AKA the Bioderma Sensibio H20). Lets just say, the sample had me sold from the beginning and I purchased a full size version.  Currently on my second tube and here's why. The smoothing creme is very reminiscent to my Shu Uemura depsea hydrability moisturizing cream.  At one point I thought it was a dupe to the Shu moisturizing cream.  I was so excited thinking I found a cheaper alternative to Shu. But when winter rolled around and I picked up Shu again, my bubble was busted. Shu Uemura depsea hydrability moisturizing cream is much thicker in texture and can remedy any dry spots in a jiffy, it is my holy grail moisturizer. Shu is my preferred moisturizer during our long cold winter months. Sensibio light smoothing cream has a much more lighter fluffier feel to it, which would make it more suitable for the spring/summer months. I find it absorbs well into my skin without making me oil up like an oil slick, plus there is no scent. I honestly think it would also make an amazing hand cream, I love how it soft it makes my hand feel (but I don't think I willing to sacrifice a $25 face cream for my hands).   Would I purchase again? Definitely (currently have a second tube in waiting).

Product 11: Shu Uemura pure:nu gentle cleansing oil-in-gel. Is suppose to be equivalent to his cult hit oil cleanser, but in a more convenient gel formula.  I have to say this is one Shu product that was a miss for me. I actually really dislike it. It's texture reminds me of Cetaphil, except its not as fluid (it does not spread over the skin as easily, it actually requires a quite a bit of work and quite a bit of product too). To be honest I also don't find that it removes makeup as well is its counter part.  Would I purchase again? No.

Product 12: Bioderma Sensibio H20. Two words "magic water".  It is hands down the best micellar water on the market.  First read about this on Lise Eldrigde's blog, which set of the hunt for this product.  I tend to get a little OCD when I have my eyes on a certain product, I thought I would never be able to find this product in Canada after reading how difficult it was to find in North America, but lo and behold it's practically in all pharmacy's.   There is a reason why this has reached cult status and is basically in every makeup artist's kit.  It dissolves all traces of eye makeup, even if I have water proofed it! Would I purchase again? Definite yes, I'm currently on my 3rd bottle.

Product 13: Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail Lotion. Meh, picked up at a drug store out of curiosity, didn't really do anything for me.  I don't really have much to say about this.  I had this in my stash, and I'm determine to use up as much as I can. Would I purchase again? No.

Product 14: Anna Sui Gel Cleanser.  Picked this up during the Clarins annual warehouse sale. I think I purchased this because I feel in love with the bottle.  It didn't impress me and didn't do anything for me either; the one notable thing about this is the strong artificial floral scent.  Would I purchase this again? No.

Product 15: Shu Uemura fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil. I saved the best for last, my interest was peeked when I read about this in a magazine and how a bottle is sold every minute of the day.  By chance I was a Holts  when they wore preparing to launch the arrival  of Shu Uemura in Canada.   So CW and I had booked appointments and I piled on all the make up I could with the intention of testing out the cleansing oil.  I'm all about testing out the claims of a product. So here I am at 10AM, with a full face of make up, telling the sale associate I'm only interested in the cleansing oil, I want to see if takes off all my make like it claims it does.  She applied some on a cotton swab and started wiping away, and 50% of my make up starting coming off (and this was without water).  Let's just say I was sold, CW and I walked out with a whole skincare regime.  I love the scent (they have 5 different scents, but the cherry blossom one is my fave), I love the fact that it can remove a full face of makeup with ease (including lashes).  I know some may be scared of the fact that its an oil product and that it will break you out or make your skin more oily.  I personally did not experience any breakouts nor did I find that my skin became more oily, however CW did experience some breakouts. But that was because she was just washing her face with the cleansing oil.  It may sound a little redundant, but after removing your makeup with a cleansing oil, you have to wash your face with a second cleanser.  Ever wonder why when you dry your face after the initial washing, your towel comes away with huge traces of make up on, that's because trace residues of your makeup is still on your skin.  The cleansing oil does one thing, it removes your makeup, you still need to cleanse your skin after. I prefer to use the Shu cleansing oil to remove all my face makeup and reserve my magic water (Bioderma Sensibio H2O) solely for the removal of my eye makeup.  Would I purchase again? Definitely yes! ( I have 5 travel size bottles to use up first)

Tada all my empties:

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  1. Yea the Shu U cleansing oil is über popular in asia but many other brand talk smack about it because it causes break outs for some people. I think I remember once going to a Shu counter and told her I wanted a make up remover and herself told me that it could cause breakouts and recommended something else for me which is unheard of cuz they always want to sell you something!

  2. I think maybe that's their motto. I know a couple of products the sales associate was like I wouldn't recommend this for you. One time I had my sights on this product, I was willing to purchase on the spot after hearing rave reviews about it and he was like did I recommend this for you? because if I did I would feel real bad, its not suited for your skin. I personally didn't experience any breakouts, but I washed by face afterwards with another cleanser like cetaphil. I know CW initially had breakouts but when she washed her faced after the cleansing oil they stopped. Did you get a sample, I highly recommend trying it. Shu is great at giving out samples, they don't get snotty or annoyed that you asked for samples. The SA associate almost always lets me raid the sample drawer when I'm there.