Monday, 27 February 2012

Beauty Purge Udpate No.1 (part 2)

So here are my views on products 5-8:

Product 5: Clarins Multi-Active Serum: Got a deluxe sample of this in my Sephora V.I.P bag. Not sure what the exact purpose of this product is.  Didn't see a huge difference in my skin after using this for about 3 weeks.  What I did notice  was the strong scent this product had (to me it reminded me of an artificial floral scent), but you get use to the smell after a couple of applications. I didn't experience any breakouts or reactions, to me its just an extra step in my skin care routine that I could do without.  Would I purchase again? Probably not.

Product 6: Shu Uemura Purenovate clarifying Refreshing lotion: Purchase this last summer after it was recommended  by sales associate at Shu counter at Holts.  It claims to gently exfoliate and refine the skin, while maintaining moisture balance due to the power of the water lily extract.  I actually quite enjoyed this toner, my skin did not feel  dry out after use compared to the Nuxe toner and I did notice a reduction in my oil production.  There is a very faint floral scent to this product, which I loved. Would I purchase again? Definitely, in fact I'm thinking of purchasing the purenovate moisturizer too. I find with Shu products work better and more effective when the whole line is used in tandem.

Product 7:  Sephora lipgloss.  My Sephora birthday present 2 years ago.The color pay off is relatively good, it did not feel sticky on my lips, and it smelt pretty good. I honestly didn't hate it nor did I love it.  The sample didn't really entice me to purchase a full size tube. Would I purchase this again? Maybe

Product 8: Stila lipgloss in grapefruit (first one I finished out the 8, I gave one to CW and another to Lily. So technically I only have 6 of them to finish).  I am a fan of Stila lipglosses, they are the one Stila products that I repurchased and still love after the initial introduction. I have to admit  I only purchase them during the holidays where I can get the holiday set of 8  for pretty much for the same price as 1 individual full size lipgloss.  Plus the Sephora friends and family discount is an extra incentive.  The only compliant: the holiday sets often contain the same neutral colors year after year and the neutral colors are very similar to one another. The only colors that differ year are the limited edition ones. Would I repurchase? Yes, but only every 2 years, simply because it takes roughly 2 years to finish a whole set.

♥ Viv

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