Friday, 3 February 2012

A Bargain I couldn't pass

Hey guys,

Long story short, before the Christmas break started I was at Winners with Chhaya and we always go straight for the shoe zone. So I saw these really cute ankle booties from Coach and I honestly wanted them. I grabbed a size 5 and a half (I literally have like the smallest feet in the house) and I dived for a seat to try them on. They fitted perfectly and I literally wanted to get them right on the spot. But when I saw the tag with the numbers $179.99, I had to put them back on the shelf and say goodbye. I didn't wanna crack my piggy bank for these booties. So three weeks into school, Chhaya and I made a fast pit-stop to the store 'cause we were curious what was new. After a few minutes walking up and down the shoe lane; my heart stopped for a minute 'cause I saw my booties. Ba-da Boom Ba-da Bing! The booties I wanted were on sale for $48.00! I texted my sister asking for her opinion and after getting her approve that they were cute & the price was exceptionally good, I took the booties and went to the check-out line. I love these booties. Insanely cute and I cant wait for the weather is get warmer. I really wanna start wearing these booties.

 I honestly I have this love and hate relationship with Winners.

  • cute merchandise
  • great brands
  • cheap & affordable prices (especially when another red tag is stamped on)

  • merchandise can be destroyed
  • too expensive  

♥ Lily

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