Monday, 16 January 2012

Pink, Love, Vera Wang, I am "LoveStruck"

Hey guys!

This is our first blog and we’re super excited to start sharing our thoughts on make-up, fashion and much more. The first bump in the road while doing this blog was who was going to start the first post. After several nagging and minor arguments between my sister and me, I decided to be the first one to post something. But there was another bump in the road, what was I going to talk about for the first post.  So I ran into my room and started looking around to see what I recently brought during the holidays. DING DING DING! I found a winner. So for my first post I will discuss my first perfume purchase for 2012; LoveStruck by Vera Wang. My sister spotted this during the post holiday sales for $33.00 and I said "why not". She knew that I love Vera Wang’s perfume ever since I finished my first bottle "Princess". The purchase of Preppy Princess quickly followed suit.The set comes with one tube of lotion and one tube of body wash. Firstly, I just want to say this perfume smells amazing! This perfume has a very floral scent which is very new to me since I tend to lean more towards very sweet/fruity scents (such as So Hooked on Carmella by Benefit), it's my sister who tends to love the floral scents more. Secondly, the packing is incredibly cute especially since this shade of pink is one of my favorite colours.
*Body wash & lotion*

According to Sephora, the notes in Lovestruck include Pink Guava, Tuberose, Precious Woods, Sheer Musk and Lotus Blossom. For someone who prefers sweeter scents, the combination of all these ingredients together; creates a stunning smell that is irresistible. The smell is very light and romantic which I really like considering that this is my first floral perfume. I see myself wearing this perfume when I’m going to school or just going shopping with my friends/family. Basically, this perfume is amazing, the smell is very floral, and the packaging from the box to the products is adorable.