Friday, 27 January 2012

A Monday Night with friends & Nightbox

Hey guys!

On Monday night I went to go see Nightbox and they were amazing! Nightbox is a band from Wicklow, Ireland and they play amazing music. In the band there's Nick Bitove (drummer), Jake Bitove (vocals), Andrew Keyes (bass player), James Tebbitt (lead guitar player) and James Shelly (synthesizers). I saw them back in November when they opened for Lights. At first I didn't know who they were and when they came on stage and started playing their music, I started getting into it. Honestly once I got home, I got to my computer and downloaded their album from Itunes. So when they announced on their site & twitter that they were going on tour and they were going to stop in my city again, I literally brought 5 tickets in a heart beat. I went to the show with my best friends, Sabrina, Gaby, Raquel and Chhaya. After the show I got to meet them and got their autographs and took some pictures with them (well only two members out of five). It's one of my favorite nights and I honestly can't wait for them to come back!

*A great view*
*I think Gaby took this picture...(I took this off on Raquel's Tumblr)*
*Raquel & Sabrina (I took this off on Raquel's Tumblr)*
*Me & Chhaya (I took this off on Raquel's Tumblr)*
*Chhaya, I  & Gaby*

*Me, James Tebbitt & Chhaya"

*Me & Jake Bitove" 

AHhh let's make a Deal! You guys come back to Mtl for another show and we'll show you guys where to get the best poutines! Deal!!?? :)

♥ Lily

P.s Check out my friends Tumblrs & Check out Nightbox (go out and get their EP)
Raquel:  r-a-q-u-e-l 
Chhaya: chhayapatel
Nightbox: Nightbox

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