Sunday, 22 January 2012

Let's go tobogganing

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been MIA it's cause school started this Wednesday and I'm still trying to organize myself.  So on my last day before school started, my best friend, Chhaya and I really wanted to do something fun before homework started accumulating. During the holidays we were trying to go tobogganing but the plans didn't happen because of two main reasons: 1) not enough snow or 2) it was extremely cold. The day before school the weather was amazing! It wasn't too cold and there was enough snow accumulating on the ground. We called each other and decided that it was the right day to go tobogganing. We both found our grade 3 snow-pants and our grade 6 winter boots and jetted for the doors with our sleds. When we got to the hill, there were maybe 7 people tobogganing. So it wasn't to packed with people. By late afternoon, more people started coming but it still wasn't packed. We tobogganed for a good 4 hours and let me just say, wow it was a workout. We literally had to sit down a few times just because we were running out of breath. I honestly can't wait to do it again! It was exhausting but worth it 'cause we had tons of fun.

*Chhaya getting ready to slide down first*

*AHH! The sled started picking up speed*

*She made a wrong turn*

*I couldn't hold on anymore so i flew right off*

I can't wait to do more activities with my best friends. 

♥ Lily

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