Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I beat the Beat!

The first product off my chopping list: 

The Beat by Burberry

I didn't particularly dislike the Beat nor did I love the Beat, it was more of an impulse purchase.  I was basically tempted to purchase the Beat at the annual Clarin's sample sale  due to the price and the temptation of adding a new perfume bottle to my collection. According to Burberry, the Beat's scent can be broken down in the following way:
  • Top notes: bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper and mandarin
  • Heart (middle) notes: Ceylon tea, iris and bluebell
  • Base notes: White musk, vetiver and cedar wood
To me the Beat was perfectly suited for winter due to its richer and heavier scent, but now that The beat  is finally down for the count,  I can move onto my new winter perfume:


Lady Million by Paco Rabanne
This was a scent I literally walked by a million times (no pun intended) and never gave it a second thought, even its cute packaging was  not enough to entice me to pick it up and  smell it. It first appeared on my radar when  I read about it on Yu's blog: Let's MakeYuUp and how it was her scent of choice for winter

I had received a $20 gift voucher from Sephora for the holidays and had finally decided to purchase the Guerlain Météorites Compact Powder, which I failed miserably at since my local Sephora  only carries a limited selection of Guerlain product.  I could have easily walked over to the Bay and purchase the Guerlain Météorites Compact Powder, but for no particular reason I wanted to purchase it specifically  from Sephora.  Subconsciously I think its because I wanted to use the $20 voucher and add to my beauty bank.  Determine to not let my 20$ voucher  expire coupled with the fact that there was tons of people armed with their own coupons milling around Sephora with baskets filled with products  I was  determined or desperate (depending on who you ask) not to leave empty handed. I picked up Lady Million and took a whiff and knew my search for a replacement product had ended.  Lady million is composed of the following notes:
  • Top notes: Neroli, Bitter orange, Raspberry
  • Heart (middle) notes: Orange flower absolute, Arabian jasmine absolute
  • Base notes: Honey, Patchouli
It's classified as a floral scent, which happens to be  my scent of choice , coupled with the cute packaging for the holiday gift set plus a $20 rebate, I said why the hell not! I can definitely say this has not turned out to be a regret purchase. Lady Million is currently my winter scent of choice for now...

 I have always been a sucker for unique packaging.

♥ Viv

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